The world of Sikkens is a world of color. Because paint is color and paint is our most important product. A simple product considered on the surface. Behind that simple coat of paint however hides a whole individual world of much greater meaning. A world in which many people work together to give other materials color, gloss and protection.

In Car Repair, It offers Sikkens as the top of the range brand, synonymous with quality, innovation and the highest level of services to the bodyshop, as well as a number of brands for other segments of the car repair market, such as Lesonal and Dynacoat. For Commercial Vehicles it offers a complete approach with the dedicated Sikkens Autocoat BT brand.

There are more than 30,000 automotive colors. The popularity of a specific color depends partly on the continent. In hot countries such as Curacao you will find a lot of white or light-colored cars, as these are better at reflecting the sun's intense heat. Social, cultural and economic influences also play a part in the popularity of colors. Gloomy economic or other predictions usually lead to people favoring darker colors. The fact that green has been such a popular color over the past few years has something to do with the increasing interest in the environment.

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